It’s Mountain Day!!!

Today is Mountain Day at Smith College, my alma mater, so I’m going to take a break from the world of interior design and post photos from design’s most true inspiration. It’s a perfect Wordless Wednesday post. Thanks Smith!

In case you have no idea what Mountain Day is… Everyone at college would wait in anticipation for that perfect fall day. There was always great debate at dinner over which day it would be. Then we would wake up in the morning to the sound of the bells ringing and know that we would be free of classes for a glorious day outside and enjoying fall. There were dozens of places we could go on Mountain Day from Mt. Tom to the Mohawk Trail. No one would study that day.  Well, at least no one that I knew…

I am at my desk now with every window open – dreaming of driving up to Litchfield or some other heavenly back country place in Connecticut to celebrate the day. But we won’t be having our Mountain Day celebration until Saturday. In the meantime, enjoy these beautiful photos of Fall in New England!

Berkshires MA

Smith College Paradise Pond

Hoyoke MA

Mohawk Trail

Sheffield MA

Smith College Paradise Pond

(all photos taken from internet)


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