ProjectUDesign: Interior Design Students at SCAD

The Thursday Treasure is brought to you by ProjectUDesign. This is an opportunity and challenge to 15 students from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) to create an upholstered wing chair that is not only sustainable but one that people would want to buy.  BiOH® polyols has teamed up  with Century Furniture and Toray Eco-Design Ultrasuede to make this project happen.
Here are the contest rules as laid out on the ProjectUDesign Facebook page.
1. A $1,000.00 cash prize from BiOH Polyols at the close of the Fall High Point Market on Oct. 20th will be awarded to the student of the winning design selected by online voting.
2. The addition of their winning eco-friendly wing chair design to Century Furniture’s permanent line-up, with production to begin this fall!
3. Royalties from Century Furniture on each chair that gets made and sold!
The best part is that you can vote for your favorite chair online at ProjectUDesign on Facebook. The chair is chosen entirely by you, John Q. Public. The first round of voting ends on October 3rd, so be sure to check it out right away!
I created an interior design inspiration board with my favorite chair, the Luna, by Matt Gray. I envisioned his comfortable and encompassing chair in a home office, preferably mine! This chair could be a place of escape during a busy work day whether to take a break for a cup of coffee or to read a book or just to retreat with your thoughts in the middle of the day.

Matt Gray, student at SCAD, describes his design as follows “Luna is a chair which reinterprets the wing chair based on its use as a place to escape. The wings extend to completely surround the inhabitant. Armrests and lumbar support are provided by carefully sized pads. The Hardwood base cradles the frame as the frame cradles the inhabitant. The womb like shape provides a sense of security and privacy.”

In case you missed them throughout the post, these are the most important links:

BiOH’s blog: 

Site for voting:

Site for student videos: http://youtube/com/user/BiOHpolyols

I love to hear from you. Which of the wing chairs is your favorite?
Ok so what are you waiting for? Go vote!

4 Responses to “ProjectUDesign: Interior Design Students at SCAD”

  1. Matt Gray Says:


    I love your inspiration board. I feel like you really honed in on the feel of the chair and really set it off with the punches of orange.

    • averydesigninteriors Says:

      Hi Matt, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.
      I had a great time taking your inspired chair and making it work in a room.
      I have no doubt you will be successful at whatever you put your mind too.
      Keeping my fingers crossed that you win!

  2. Nicole Nachazel Says:

    Thank you for the support of Project UDesign! We are very excited about this opportunity for SCAD students to incorporate soy-based BiOH® polyols foam with their design and furniture construction process to make their wing-chair more environmentally friendly. I can’t tell you my fave but good choice with yours! LOVE the inspiration on this page. Those colors work so well together!


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