Pink, pink, pink…Pinkberry

I have a huge week planned here at Relaxed Elegance around the pink Project, Think Pink and everything pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

First, I am going to the Irwin Feld Gallery one night later this week, as wonderful social media and IRL friends Irwin and Marcy Feld (@irwinfelddesign) host the New England Home Connecticut Fall Networking Event.  The Felds have decided to unveil their Pretty in Pink 4 Life Bench at the event. I can not wait to see it! All proceeds will benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure. I posted a photo above from a recent showhouse to give you a taste of their style!

If you have never been to their gallery, you are missing out. Call me immediately so that I can take you on a tour of their gorgeous mid-modern furniture, art and accessories. And the lighting, how could I forget their lighting…

Next, I have the honor of attending the Pinkberry opening in Fairfield thanks to social media and IRL friend, Jessica @gimletmommy, writer of The Entertaining House. You may remember that Jessica was my guest for the Nate Berkus Show. Pinkberry is frozen yogurt – “swirly goodness”. Can’t wait to try it! Though I have not yet seen their place in Fairfield, check out these cool photos from their website. Loving the design…

The Saarinen tables with Starck’s green Victoria Ghost chairs speak modern but not cold. The plants, lighting and wood tones warm it right up.

Loving the fun pop vibe on the fabrics and face of the counter. Could some of those Victoria Ghost chairs be pink?

Finally, in a post one day later this week, I will be revealing my big PINK giveaway. Make sure to keep coming back to find out the when, where and how to!

I love to hear from you. Where do you love to take your family for a delicious dessert treat after dinner?


6 Responses to “Pink, pink, pink…Pinkberry”

  1. EntertainingMom Says:

    Pinkberry is opening in Fairfield darling… next to Colony Pizza 😉

  2. Bevin Gove Says:

    Hi There:

    I handle PR for Pinkberry and I’m delighted that you will be attending the press preview with
    Jessica on Thursday at 5 pm. Looking forward to meeting both of you in person.

    The Pinkberry store is actually located in downtown Fairfield next to colony Grill and across
    from Borders. You mentioned that it’s located in Westport. Is it possible for you to change
    this in your blog?

    I really love the write up you did about the store and the photos you included. Thanks for
    giving Pinkberry some TLC in your blog!

    Just lmk if this is possible.

    All the best,

    Bevin Gove

    • averydesigninteriors Says:

      Hi Bevin,
      Thanks so much for letting me know about my late night posting error in location! Sheez…sorry about that.
      I have updated the post and will say it here again.
      Pinkberry is located in Fairfield.
      Can’t wait to meet you!

  3. maybelline Says:

    yum!!! i wish there was one near me but i try not to miss popping in when I’m in LA or NYC near a fave hotel, the Hudson.

  4. ishka designs Says:

    Really like the design of the PinkBerry stores. Very modern and fresh. Your post captures it really well 🙂 My only question is how do they survive in the winter???

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