Interior Design in the Limelight Marketplace

During my time in the city a few weeks ago I had the privilege to walk through Chelsea with the ever lovely Amy Dragoo of ABCD Designs during our interior design social media extravaganza. She and I stumbled upon the recently renovated Limelight Marketplace. For those of you old enough to remember, the Limelight was a dance club – a bit worn for the wear but very fun place to go dancing with friends. The irony of a dance club in a renovated church was not lost on many. By the way, just in case you get nostalgic for the old Limelight when you see these photos, Amy and I can attest to the fact that there still is only one unisex bathroom and we are pretty sure it did not receive the fancy renovation…

butterflies, display, retail, interior design, nyc

Who can get enough of bugs, butterflies and flowered jewels?

interior design, architecture, retail

ceiling, architecture, black, interior design, retail, nyc

interior design, upside down, architecture, retail, nyc

The upside down window boxes made me laugh – very clever.

upside down, architecture, interior design, retail, nyc

Not to be outdone the upside down staircase. Check out the ceiling molding on the floor…

interior design, retail, nyc, architecture

In the back corner is a lovely gourmet food area a la Parisienne. Can’t get to Paris this year? Whet your appetite here… Love the black iron railings.

retail, nyc, gelato, ice cream, interior design

If sweets are more your fancy, there’s gelato available.

bakery, retail, interior design, nyc

Red velvet or hostess cupcake – decisions…

candy, retail, interior design, nyc

Couldn’t get enough of Sugar. Need I say more? How do you walk away from a candy arch?

candy, sweets, retail, interior design, nyc

Pink, pink, pink…I have to take my daughter here on our next trip to the Big Apple. She loves going to the city. All of these mini wedding cakes – she would be over the moon.

church, renovation, retail, stained glass, interior design, nyc

Just in case you forgot you were shopping in a renovated church.

detail, architecture, retail, interior design, church, renovation

Hunter boots. Classical church architecture. Dichotomy in details? Or good cheeky fun? You decide.

architecture, detail, retail, interior design, nyc

Likewise the arch.

I love to hear from you. Have an unusual spot you love to shop for inspiration?



One Response to “Interior Design in the Limelight Marketplace”

  1. Laurie @ My Domicile Style Says:

    I haven’t been to the city in years, and cannot believe that is the Limelight! Oh, what memories that brings back about the early 90’s in NYC!

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