5 Pink Interior Design Surfaces: My Guest Post at BuildDirect.com

It’s been a busy weekend. We were deep in the heart of Pennsylvania’s mushroom country celebrating my niece’s tenth birthday with friends and family. It was a windy but sunny fall day. The kids had a blast as they ran around the yard, jumped in the bounce house and busted open the pinata. Meanwhile, the adults mingled and feasted on a smorgasbord of Oktoberfest fare. I think the grown-ups were outnumbered nearly 2 to 1, but don’t tell the kids that!

That is why I have been completely off the social media grid. I have several client projects to attend to this morning, but I don’t want to forget my focus on Breast Cancer Awareness or my readers. So for today, please enjoy my recent guest post at BuildDirect.com.

Rob Jones of BuildDirect.com and I have become friends via social media. I was honored when he asked me to write a guest post for his company’s blog. I thought right away of Breast Cancer Awareness Month as a perfect topic.

An excerpt follows below.

Today’s guest post is from our friend Catherine Avery of Avery Design Interiors, a Fairfield County based interior design firm specializing in relaxed yet elegant family friendly interiors. In this post, Catherine talks about building materials that can add flair to your space, and can stand symbolically for a good cause too; Breast Cancer Awareness Month. How will she do that exactly? Read on!


My grandmother had breast cancer. Three of my girl friends are breast cancer survivors. The month of October for me is not the oranges and yellows of fall as much as it is the pink of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I thought nothing could be more challenging than to ‘think pink’ here at BuildDirect, but I was wrong. Below are five ways to incorporate pink into your home without going over the top and oh so girly. After all we don’t want to alienate the men in our lives.

Read more: 5 Pink Interior Design Surfaces For Breast Cancer Awareness

Please be sure to check out the BuildDirect website for all of your flooring, decking, roofing, kitchen and bath needs.

I love to hear from you! How would you incorporate pink in to the surfaces of your home?


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