Interior Design: SKETCH Console Table

Console, table, furniture, color, interior design, red, John Reeves

Love, love, love this table from John Reeves – the sinuous lines and the bright color. Frankly, I love everything made by John Reeves.

I can envision this table in a sleek monotone Foyer, where the console is the unexpected pop of color.

John Reeves on SKETCH: “Each piece has a synthesis with another and all are similarly reminiscent of organic form found in cave formations and nature, rather like a species, the new product has formed almost through random chance, albeit with a designer’s watchful eye.”

You might best remember John Reeves for his Louis line.

Many of Reeves’ furnishings are made from recycled aluminum in Vietnam where he lives – a great eco-friendly message.

Here is his take on design.

“Living in a world that seems to be focused more and more on “the moment”, I believe designing with a respect and reverence for what has gone before keeps us mindful of where we’ve come from and what we really need. Ensuring that design evolves not only through materials and production processes but also under the direction of culture.”

I love to hear from you. Which furniture designer are you crazy about now?


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