Interior Design Furnishings: The New Traditionalists

Another Wordless Wednesday here at Avery Design Interiors. From the people who brought you ducduc, there is now a sophisticated furniture line for grown-ups: The New Traditionalists. Fortunately, it is nearly impossible to find words to describe their furnishings, which makes my Wordless Wednesday task a bit easier. Who am I kidding?

I visited the showroom in a fantastic loft in Soho (NYC) a few weeks ago and had the great pleasure of meeting Philip Erdoes (@CEO_TheNewTrad) and  David Harris in person. Philip and I had already been in touch through the suggestion of Leslie Carothers (@tkpleslie) of The Kaleidoscope Partnership. Philip and the others were setting up for an event, yet provided incredible customized personal service. What a pleasure! No doubt I will be taking my clients to their showroom.

Their message is fantastic – a real throwback to the manufacturing of traditional furniture. The furniture is made here to ensure the finest quality. It is completely custom-made with minimal environmental impact. In the words of their website:

We believe that being responsible for your environment means taking care of yourself, those around you, and your world. By manufacturing here, we can assure you that we use sustainably harvested hardwoods and non-toxic finishes, and, of course, no MDF.

We also support the communities where we live and work through charitable donations and volunteered time.

Take a look.

Cabinet, New Traditionalists, dining, furniture, interior design

Cabinet Seventy Two

Every finish on this cabinet, every piece of hardware, the interior can all be custom finished.

drawer, interior design, lacquer, custom, finish, furniture

Cabinet Seventy Two Drawers

Interior design, cabinet, detail, furniture, new traditionalists

Cabinet Seventy Two Interior Detail

The back is mirrored and there is the traditional notch shelf support instead of those cheap plastic or metal pieces you stick in holes. Check your grandmother’s antique china cabinet – this is how furniture was made in the old days. What bliss…

chair, custom, new traditionalists, detail, interior design, furniture

Chair Sixty Six


bed, furniture, custom, horsehair, new traditionalists, interior design

Bed Ten Forty

console, traditional, finish, interior design, furniture, drawer pulls

Console Thirty One

desk, color, finish, furniture, new traditionalists, interior design

Desk Two


New Traditionalists, finishes, furniture, wood grain, lacquer

Finish Samples

Thanks to the inspiration of Amy Dragoo (@abcddesigns) and Jonathan Legate (@jonathanlegate), co-creators of #DesignTV, I will be going to a fun party tomorrow night at The New Traditionalists. I am so looking forward to spending time with dear friends met on Twitter but now IRL. And of course the setting at their Soho Showroom amongst all of the beautiful furnishings can not be beat.

It does not get any better than this…

I love to hear from you. Which of the furnishings from the New Traditionalists would you like for your home?

(Photos are mine or from The New Traditionalists website)


9 Responses to “Interior Design Furnishings: The New Traditionalists”

  1. BarefootFloor Says:

    Beautiful furnishings! I always admired the way real wood antique furniture was made, could never get the same quality in modern furniture. Finally the old traditions have been honored! Thanks for the inspiring post!

  2. Cynthia Mason Says:

    Cabinet 72 is pretty great, but Console 31 would fit in my house beautifully! Enjoy the party! Wish I could have been there to tweet-up!

  3. ABC Dragoo Says:


    Thanks so much for writing about TNT, the party, all of it! It was awesome to see you today Catherine, you’re a breath of fresh air.

  4. Leslie Carothers Says:

    Dear Catherine!

    Good morning! Thank you so much for this gorgeous post about @CEO_TheNewTrad -The New Traditionalists!

    A few things your readers may find of interest, too: (@CEO_TheNewTrad is our company’s social media client for any of your readers that might not know)

    1. All The New Traditionalists furniture is made by artisans in an old reclaimed factory in Torrington, Conneticut ~ (love Made In The USA!)

    2. Everyone of those beautiful finishes you photgraphed so nicely is water based so they are all non toxic and safe for children and adults~

    3. Every piece in their collection can be custom sized, all drawer fronts and cabinet fronts can be COM ‘d with fabric, all interiors can be finished in a separate color and gloss level from the exterior finishes and, if you don’t see a finish that will work, they will manufacture a bespoke finish and gloss level to your specifications.

    4. For your readers that may not know, they also manufacture the well known luxury eco kid’s line: ducduc.

    5. Even if your client does not want to spec TNT furniture, but you, as a designer, need a place to take a client in NYC, you are free to come there, spread out and meet with your client in their showroom at 524 Broadway, 2nd floor -and, the kicker, a free lunch will be provided by @CEO_TheNewTrad to you and your client! NO obligation. They just figure that the more you get to know them, then, someday…

    5. And, lastly and most importantly, they *get* #mixology during their parties! Have fun tonight at @jonathanlegate ‘s and @abcddesigns’ #DesignTVtnt party and say Hi to my business partner, @tkpsev, who will be there with all of you! He’s looking forward to meeting everyone!

    Have a great day! xxoo


  5. Douglas Farwell Says:

    I take no pleasure in having to post a comment that is not favorable for a small company but our experience has been just plain pathetic. We ordered a crib and bureau over six months ago and dealing with this group has been an endless pain. First the crib and bureau were delivered with shoddy construction – drawers that don’t fit properly, crib elements that were incomplete, absolutely no quality control what so ever. To the companies benefit they have tried to rectify these issues however my wife and I have had to take off work for two days plus endless emails to get repairs finished. The company refunded a small amount of the purchase but it is wholly unsatisfactory for the time lost dealing with issues that should never have occurred in the first place. To top off matters after six months we have still not received the toddler rail for the crib. All of this from a company that sells very high end furnishings – far more costly than even the top of the line Bellini baby furniture. Do yourself a favor- save the aggravation and shop elsewhere.

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