All That Glitters… Holiday Home Decor Shopping

How is your Holiday Shopping?

Have you finished your list?

How about a glamorous gold bowl?


bowl, gold, decor, holiday, shopping, interior design

Dauville Gold Glazed Bowl - Canvas Home



kosta boda, gold, bowl, glass, interior decor, shopping, holiday

Glimmer Gold Bowl - Kosta Boda

Sky’s The Limit


bowl, home decor, interior design, gold, fiamma, Missoni Home

Fiamma for Richard Ginori - Missoni Home

(as seen in Elle Decor)


One Response to “All That Glitters… Holiday Home Decor Shopping”

  1. bbrunophotography Says:

    Love your “relaxed elegance” description! I followed one of your tweets here (I’m seedplanter on Twitter) and discovered this beautiful website. Your photos are amazing reflections of the obvious passion you have for your work. I can relate, as I’m over-the-top excited about my fine art photography as well.

    It must be such a thrill to design family-friendly spaces that are both functional and beautiful. How do you sleep at night? I think my mind would be on overdrive if I were in your profession.

    I look forward to returning and reading more!

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