Relaxed Elegance Redux: A Look at Three of our Top Posts in 2010

Happy New Year! Hope all of you had the most wonderful of holidays with family and friends.

Relaxed Elegance and Avery Design Interiors will continue their holiday hiatus throughout the weekend but will be back on Monday with more interior design magic.

Expect in the new year – an update on my progress on my 30 day LinkedIn project, new photos of the Library Fireplace in CT and the Master Bath renovations in FL, and finally many more family friendly interior design tips.

I love to hear from you… Please let me know which posts inspired you last year. What would you like to see more of from Relaxed Elegance in 2011?

Enjoy the 2010 Redux….

5 Interior Design Tips for Renovating a Bathroom

September 2, 2010
by averydesigninteriors

I recently worked with a client who handed me a list of 50 Decisions for the Guest Bath.  Now, if I were one of my clients I would be completely overwhelmed with a list of 50 decisions. Wouldn’t you be?

So, I’ve pared down the list to 5 decisions. For more….

Interior Design: Farmhouse Fireplace

October 1, 2010

I met with a new client today. She is lovely as are her gorgeous two young children and super nice down to earth husband. They have an underused front living room, which is in need of some warmth and light. Their first priority is to add a fireplace. They have the chimney so the construction won’t be nearly so traumatic.

Their style is relaxed, comfortable, leaning towards the warmth and feel of a farmhouse. Everything must be kid-friendly. They love their pale peach room and taupe sofas but are asking for an all white fireplace to match the existing trim. The room is small as is the fireplace wall, so the scale of the fireplace will need to be small as well.

Here are some of my initial inspiration fireplaces – not necessarily at the correct scale. Of course, I will be providing the clients with an original design. After I draw it and get the clients’ approval, I will post it for you. For more…

Interior Design of a Teen Room

August 30, 2010

This past week, I’ve been busily working on a teen room in conjunction with my new interior design service, ‘Ready, Set, School: Your Child’s Room Grows Up’. It is so much fun to design a young person’s room. Here are some of the design inspiration and “during” photos. For more…


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