Family Friendly Friday in Interior Design…Girls, girls, girls

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Oly Studio

A pair of these sconces in a girl’s bedroom would take your daughter into her teen years.

For more great teen decorating tips, check out my Teen Room Design.


What’s Not to Love about Timeless Interior Design?

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Mirrored Brick Cabinet - William Yeoward

What’s not to love about a sleek, elegant and timeless cabinet for your living room or master suite?

William Yeoward: “The Mirrored Brick Cabinet was designed by me for Nina Campbell, a much respected London designer as a small bar for her apartment. It was such a success we put it in our permanent collection. It has a timeless quality to its neat edges and sharp lines. I loved it 15 years ago and still do today.”

Hang in There…

My computer decided to go on holiday during this holiday. It is not yet back and after nearly 11 years I think it has permanently retired.

Over the next few weeks, I am researching and completely upgrading my systems. I may be missing for the blogosphere for a bit longer as I figure out how to get temporary systems up and running.

Please be patient and know that relaxed elegance is perhaps sometimes more about relaxing… There don’t seem to be any elegant solutions to this problem as of yet.

Feel free to chime in with what works and doesn’t about your systems. I am open to any and all ideas PC related, as Auto-CAD does not work on Mac. Sorry, Mac lovers and I do know why you love your Macs!

I am so looking forward to a new computer and a glitch-free 2011…

Thanks to all,


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