Interior Design Inspiration: Snow, Ice, Black Swan, Club Penguin

Pretty much anyone who lives in the United States now has the experience of being inundated by snowstorms this winter. All of the ice and snow has got me thinking about white in design. Then we watched an interview of Natalie Portman for the movie Black Swan – now I can’t wait to see it. And yesterday, our daughter was introduced to Club Penguin, just in case we didn’t have enough ice and snow in real life already.

Hence a white with black theme for this Wordless Wednesday… Enjoy!

white, interior design, modern, egg chair, Arne, architecture

What could be better than the quintessential Egg Chair in black?

white, interior design, minimalist, architecture, stairs, Tom Atwood

I dream of this staircase design.

digsdigs, espace loggia, furniture, white, office, interior design

A great way to add black to your teen’s room without painting the walls. Result – everyone in the family is happy.

bath, interior design, white, fixtures, storage, modern

I have just finished a black and white bath for a client. It’s a little more traditional than this, which goes to show black and white in the bath is timeless.

black, white, beach, house, interior design

This is a beach house. What a great twist on the typical white with blue.

I love to hear from you… Where do you find your interior design inspiration?

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