relaxed. elegant. with a twist.

Best known for his colorful designs on hide carpets, Kyle Bunting also has a fun and phenomenal line of furnishings that feature none other than, hide. Custom made and designed to the client’s specifications, Kyle Bunting’s design studio is located outside of Austin in the Texas Hill Country.

Kyle Bunting, table, console, interior design, hide, colorFunctional art.Kyle Bunting, hide, furniture, interior design, color

Kyle Bunting, ottoman, hide, color, interior design

Perfect for your child’s room or for the movie theatre. These would be amazing in a dark grey or chocolate brown room.

Kyle Bunting, art, chair, Holly Hunt, hide, interior design, furniture, colorKyle Bunting, fog, chair, hide, color, interior designFor those not as color gutsy, how about the Fog chair? I think my cat would take over this one.

I love to hear from you. Where would you use a bright-colored hide in your home?


2 Responses to “relaxed. elegant. with a twist.”

  1. Krista Eliason / Says:

    These are beautiful! The colors are amazing.

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