Interior Design: Library Update

I am in the last days of working on the Library project for my client. We spent several days last week shopping and found the perfect rug, a great lampshade for her Simon Pearce glass table lamp, a floor lamp and several pillows. With every purchase, we kept in mind her two young children.

  • Could a lamp be shaken and toppled? No.
  • Should we skip the precious glass vase in the center of the coffee table and put a book instead? Yes.
  • Would one child grab the heavy urn and bash the other one in the head? Turns out no, but it was worth asking.

The draperies are installed and the client loves them! A great special touch is the pinch pleat sheers on traverse rods which allows my client to open them during the day for extra light but close them as needed for privacy.

library, accessories, art, furnishing, interior design, inspiration, lighting, Ruth NewquistSince I am days away from posting some photos, here is the design inspiration board to whet your appetite. This is what I presented to my client prior to shopping to give a sense of the overall look and how my ideas for lighting and accessories would work with the new fireplace and rug.

Since my readers are regularly asking me about the interior design process, I have listed the steps for this project below.

The Process

First, we measured and created a space plan for the furnishings and location of the fireplace. Then we designed and oversaw the construction of the fireplace as shown above.

Next, we added sconces and overhead swivel lighting to accent the fireplace and the piece of art by local artist, Ruth Newquist. We are still choosing between two paintings so it is not yet purchased. 

We chose a beautiful embroidered taupe linen fabric from Cowtan & Tout for the draperies. Photos will be an upcoming post. These and the sheers were just installed.

I then worked with the client to move the furniture into a new layout that would create a seating area facing the fireplace.

The rug was the next purchase as I knew its colors would dictate those of the accessories. The coffee table that was originally in this room hid the beautiful new rug from Safavieh, so we swapped it with the family room table.

The client already had a Simon Pearce lamp but I thought the shade needed updating. This is a great way to bring in an unexpected splash of color without breaking the bank.

Next week, I will be hanging the turquoise boat painting next to it above the console.

The client also needed new end tables, a floor lamp, a table lamp, pillows and accessories. I riffed on the turquoise in the painting for my accent color using cool and subtle acquas in the accessories to balance the warm peach walls.

Can’t wait to show you the final photos.

I love to hear from you. What is your process for updating or renovating a room?

(for paintings by Ruth Newquist)


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