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Several people have asked me how elegance can be affiliated with corporate spaces. One definition of elegance is ingenious simplicity. When one designs a corporate space it must not only be simple – think signage, locations of the kitchenette or bath or reception area – but also be inventive.

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Rolls of Filzfelt

Filzfelt fits the bill for simplicity and inventiveness. I think this would be ideal for corporate interiors. And I am not alone. I seem to be seeing Filzfelt used everywhere.

Filzfelt comes from the German and English words for felt. The felt is 100% wool, ecologically friendly and imported from Germany. The business is run by two female designers who believe in “simplicity in design…and jaw-droppingly great customer service.”

Filzfelt comes in a variety of thicknesses and can be used for furnishings, draperies, covered panels (think office acoustics) and rugs as well as a variety of accessories. The felt is available in 54 Pantone colors. Just think your felt can match your logo! Talk about branding…

filzfelt, color, wool, ecofriendly, sustainable, green, interior design, commercial

More Colors

desk, rug, office, corporate, wool, filzfelt, ecofriendly

Round Rug

covered wall panels, wool, filzfelt, conferece room, acoustics, color, commercial, interior design


rug, filing room, interior design, commercial, office, filzfelt, wool, sustainable, green

Long Rug

perforated, draperies, commercial, interior design, felt, ecofriendly, wool, filzfelt

Perforated Panels

key fob, commercial, interior design, filing, security, filzfelt, wool, felt

Key Fob

etsy, snowflake, filzfelt, oprah, magazine, interior design, brand, logo, commercial, logo, branding

Just imagine your logo in Filzfelt

I love to hear from you. Which new ways would you use Filzfelt in your home or office?

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