Office Spaces, ‘Re-humanized’ Places…

I had hoped to write a long post today all about great furniture design for corporate offices, but then I spent the better part of the day combating a virus in my website. I just checked and it’s still not up, though I know it’s being fixed as we speak.

I would love to understand the mind of a hacker, wouldn’t you? Excuse me hacker, we never know who you are, so where is the joy in messing up a whole bunch of people’s websites? You’re not the guy (or gal) fixing them, to the best of my knowledge, so you’re not even making money on this. I just don’t get it – perplexed at my desk.

Well, forging on…

I came across this amazing furniture company and had to share even one piece from their collection with you. Stay tuned for a more lengthy post on Izzy Design at a later date.

Izzy is all about people, about sustainable practices and about “re-humanizing the workplace”. Isn’t that what great office furniture design should be all about?

file cabinet, office, Izzy, interior design, corporate, color, storage, function

Audrey Storaqe

Did I mention it’s not only good-looking, modular and moveable (function, function, function), but also reasonably priced?

If you need help re-humanizing your office space, please contact me at, at least until the website is back up!

Wishing you a happy day at your office,


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