Interior Design: Beach Fireplace

beach home, architecture, interior design, color, decor

Yes, I know it sounds like a bit of an anomaly – a beach fireplace – but our weather has been rainy and dreary for so many days and all I can think of is will it dry out in time to go to the beach tomorrow morning or should we just break out the s’mores tonight?

This interior design project entailed lightening up a open plan living area in a beach house.

The fireplace was black painted brick with a dark stained wood mantel and stood out in the room like a sore thumb. The walls were wood-paneled. First the client added a skylight and a lighter carpet. Then she painted the paneling a lighter color and still the room did not give her the beach feel she was looking for.

It’s an open floor plan so we pulled the taupe color with warm pink undertones from her kitchen cabinetry and counter. Then we took the wall color two shades darker for the fireplace. It still stands out but in a warm sink your toes in a sandy beach kind of way. And the colors speak to the two-tone stripes in the chairs and ottomans.

A great new look for the room with just a change in paint color.

I love to hear from you, if you could change the color of one room in your home, which one would it be?

Baffled by how to choose your colors? Contact me for a complimentary color consultation.


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