Where Fashion meets Interior Design: The King of Pop

On the fringe of a huge comeback two years ago yesterday, Michael Jackson was no more. His sense of style was unbelievable, his dancing arresting and his music inspiring. Love him or hate him he is undeniably the King of Pop.

Edgy Black Leather

italian, furniture, black, leather, bed, lucite, interior design

Love the look and lines of this bed, but is it even comfortable?

Kevin Mazur/Getty images

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Red meets Black meets Texture

Dolphin, UK, Ripple, Tile, bath, interior design, texture, colorLove the texture of these tiles. Sold by Dolphin in the UK. Anyone know where to buy them in the U.S.?

Michael Jackson

White with Dazzling Gold

Riflesi, interior design, gold, furniture, modern, italian


High gloss white lacquer and bright gold – I would use this console in a navy or eggplant dining room for dramatic contrast.

Michael Jackson

Black Sequins – Glam

black, sequin, chair, furniture, interior design

Again, I am not sure if this would be the most comfortable chair but it sure is glamorous.

I love to hear from you…does fashion inspire your interior design?


3 Responses to “Where Fashion meets Interior Design: The King of Pop”

  1. Chandra Thompson Says:

    I love that white lacquer and gold-leafed console! Fashion always inspires my design. I love how designers and stylists bring together different patterns and textures to create an interesting yet cohesive look. It’s something I try to achieve in all my designs.

    • averydesigninteriors Says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I love that you use fashion as an inspiration for your designs. And I love the white lacquer console too. It’s fun to step outside of our own area of the design world to see what other people are doing. I particularly enjoy bringing the graphic design ie company logo for a business client to life through the interior design of their space. Design well!

  2. The King of Pop Says:

    Michael was a very misunderstood entertainer. Although he was troubled in his personal life, as an artist the man was a true genius. He will be missed but fortunately his works have been well documented and achieved on sites like “this” for all to enjoy.

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