Corporate Interior Design: Livingglass

Livingglass, panel, architecture, interior design, color, glass

Love the products from Livingglass, decorative laminated glass in luxe, light and curves. All Livingglass products are made of impact resistant safety glass with elements sandwiched in between. They are Class A, Class I fire rated, antimicrobial and UV, water, and chemical resistant. Light and Curves are 100% recycled resin and real glass and are LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) eligible. Above Light is shown back-lit.

Retail, gap, livingglass, interior design, architecture

In this retail store, River Rocks is used as a shelf.

restaurant, livingglass, glass, interior design, architecture, nobu

Livingglass can be used as a dramatic way to separate a private dining space in a restaurant, allowing light to enter but providing a sense of privacy.

livingglass, doors, architecture, interior design, glass, corporate

Livingglass can even be used to create unusual doors. This is Dynasty part of the Luxe line, which is impact resistant safety glass with elements sandwiched in between.  Wouldn’t this catch your client’s eye as they entered your office?

curve, livingglass, glass, healthcare, lighting, interior design, architeture

Just one of the many applications for healthcare, this is the Curve line of Livingglass backlit and ceiling mounted.

curve, interior design, corporate, livingglass

Another way to use Curve in a creative corporate setting. Can you imagine your clients waiting in this dramatic space?

interior design, residential, livingglass, glass, bath

While this makes a dramatic statement in a residential bath, the application would be equally effective in a corporate bath, kitchenette or corporate cafeteria.

I love to hear from you, where would you use Livingglass in your space?

If you are interested in hearing more about unusual materials for your office design, please contact me for a complimentary consultation at Avery Design Interiors.

(photo credits: Livingglass website)


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