Out With The Old…


Sunday night, we had the neighbors over and cooked our last dinner in the old kitchen. The cabinets are empty but that hasn’t stopped us from entertaining. We are fortunate that the weather is unseasonably warm and we can dine on the deck.

There is a small secondary kitchen in the basement and we have set up shop down there. For the last month, I have been making double portions of soups, stews, mom’s baked ziti and freezing them. Except for the ziti, any of these options can be cooked in the microwave. If you are going to be renovating your kitchen and know that you won’t have a secondary kitchen, pre-making meals is a great option.

I really don’t like this kitchen at all. The cabinets are deceptively old – you should see the interiors, the layout is all wrong and the appliances look like they are from the 80s?

Hoping for some good demolition photos starting this week. Stay tuned for updates.

Have an outdated kitchen? Call us – we can help you plan the kitchen of your dreams.


Great Store Front Design


In Sono and loving Silver Graphic Design’s store front design with the hanging lightbulbs. Ideas anyone?

Foyer Composition


As seen at Horizons in the New York Design Center.

Each of the elements would stand beautifully on their own but are even more magnificent as a composition.

Note the sputnik chandelier reflected in the mirror.

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