Three Tips for Surviving a Renovation

It’s all about the planning You know the expression measure twice, cut once? The most important part of any renovation, remodel or addition is the planning process.


Kitchen Space Planning   – Draft

1. Determine how you live and the needs of you and your family. Function is the beginning of a great design. Will you really use the great big dining room or do you prefer to hang out more casually in the kitchen? Don’t forget the kids, the guests, the in-laws and Fluffy and Fido.

Create a file with inspiration photos either hardcopy from magazines or online using such resources as Modenus, Houzz, Pinterest and so many others. An interior designer can provide you with space planning options that you may not have considered.

Kitchen Inspiration Board


2. Create a budget. How much are you willing to spend on the job? Research the local marketplace. Is your budget for your renovation going to be in keeping with your neighborhood? If you are the only 10,000 square foot home on a block of 5,000 square foot houses you will be overpriced when you decide to sell.

Make sure to have a budget for lighting. After all, you want everyone to see all of the beautiful work after it is finished. When you determine a realistic budget number, add 20%. Every project inevitably has cost overruns or change orders.


3. Bring in a qualified team right away. It will save you time, stress and money. Interior designers are professionally trained to work within any sort of a budget. They can give you estimates on the costs of materials, construction, furnishing you name it.

We can also provide you with a timeline for your project and help you set up havens away from the noise and construction. For example, if you are planning a kitchen renovation, do you have another place to set up a coffee pot, microwave etc?

I love to hear from you. Are you ready for a kitchen renovation? What are your biggest concerns?

Redesign of an Investment Manager’s Office

Office Before

This office needed to reflect the brand and personality of the investment manager. It lacked the warmth, welcome and professionalism my client wanted and her clients expected. Many of her clients are women – some struggling with dealing with their finances during and after divorce. My client wanted her office to be professional but not too sterile or intimidating.

Unfortunately, her lease conditions prevented her from painting the walls, so we had to add color in the art and accessories.

Plants and family photos personalize the space and lots of great storage containers provide organization for her reports and brochures.

Adding a coffee area allows her to offer her clients a cup while they review their portfolios.

I work with corporate offices to ensure that their corporate brand image is reflected in the interior design throughout their office space. For a complimentary office assessment, please contact me at

Want to Learn More?

Join me for my presentation “Three Design Tips for a More Profitable Office” on Tuesday, April 10th at 12noon at the ConnectMore luncheon at Butterfield 8 in Stamford.

For more details go to ConnectMore Fairfield County on Meetup.

Graphic and Exotic – Design from the AD Home Show


Loving this coffee table from Fairtlough in the Made section at the AD Home Show. Handcrafted and enhanced with exotic skins, it’s got such great graphic lines – perfect for a Manhattan bachelor pad.

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