Redesign of an Investment Manager’s Office

Office Before

This office needed to reflect the brand and personality of the investment manager. It lacked the warmth, welcome and professionalism my client wanted and her clients expected. Many of her clients are women – some struggling with dealing with their finances during and after divorce. My client wanted her office to be professional but not too sterile or intimidating.

Unfortunately, her lease conditions prevented her from painting the walls, so we had to add color in the art and accessories.

Plants and family photos personalize the space and lots of great storage containers provide organization for her reports and brochures.

Adding a coffee area allows her to offer her clients a cup while they review their portfolios.

I work with corporate offices to ensure that their corporate brand image is reflected in the interior design throughout their office space. For a complimentary office assessment, please contact me at

Want to Learn More?

Join me for my presentation “Three Design Tips for a More Profitable Office” on Tuesday, April 10th at 12noon at the ConnectMore luncheon at Butterfield 8 in Stamford.

For more details go to ConnectMore Fairfield County on Meetup.


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