First Three Steps in the Design Process

This is the first in a two part series on the Design Process.

1. First we meet with the client and discuss what they love, who they are, how the decision making process works in their family or office. I provide a questionnaire with these questions – yes grown-up homework – and several other questions that help me get a sense of how you live and work. This builds a firm foundation on which to start a design plan.

2.  We create a plan, a timeline and a budget. I realize how hard it is to talk about the budget, after all none of us really wants to have a budget, but as I make selections for your space if an $8000 sofa is out of your price range it’s best if I know that up front. There are lots of stores with more affordable sofa options. One of the reasons you hire me is to save time. If I have your budget at the beginning, I can quickly and effectively work within it.

3.  We provide floor plans and other drawings as needed and design inspiration boards for your space. The space shown above has an open floor plan so all of the design elements needed to harmonize throughout the space.

In order to design the part, in this instance the fireplace wall, we need to envision the space as a whole. This room is long and narrow with no focal point. Adding a fireplace and bookshelves gives a place for the eye to land, shortens the room a bit and provides a warm and inviting feeling to the currently not very cozy space.

To the right is the framing for the fireplace. The blue tape gives a general range of the actual fireplace box within the framework. We visualized it on the wall first so that we could determine the right height. There is a dining room table in the room and I wanted to be sure the focal point can be seen beyond.

I can’t wait to share with you the final result!

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