Krafting Your Millenial Message

Last Thursday evening I was invited to Kraft Your Pitch, hosted by Kraft Foods, Evol8tion and Grind. Eight companies worked with Evol8tion, a company that helps startups find their brand soul mates, to “kraft” their pitch prior to the event. According to Evol8tion “Startups are generally very good at talking tech and even funding, but what about marketing and monetization –  specifically, how their product and/or proposition will help deliver value for both consumers and brands?” The winner, PrePlay Sports received a two month membership to Grind, a collaborative workspace at 29th and Park (Manhattan) and a chance to brainstorm with some of the top brand managers at Kraft.

It was a fascinating evening. As a person born on the cusp of Generation X and a former Wall Streeter, I still have a toe firmly planted in the Baby Boomer generations. But running my own business, I have found in a weird dichotomy that the older I get the more I resonate with GenX.

Why do I bring this up? Because the majority of the eight people who presented on Thursday evening were all Millenials. I was amazed by the creative and unusual new businesses being formed around the internet and social media.

You ask what’s a millenial and why does this make a difference in my business?


Born from about 1977 to mid-2000, Millenials are also known as Generation Y, Generation We, the Net Generation and the Trophy Kids.  Trophy kids refers to the fact that kids in this generation get a trophy for showing up. They have been alternatively coddled and pushed by their parents. They are racially diverse, religiously observant and liberal, which you expect from anyone under the age of 30 but this group is even more so than the past. What else?

  • They are tech savvy collaborators.
  • They don’t talk on the phone – they text.
  • They consume information – technology is as easy as breathing air.
  • They value flexibility, family, friends and their health.
  • They are passionate about working at a job they love, where they can make a difference.
  • They value flextime over face time.
  • According to FwdNation, in the workplace Millenials want to creat value, feel valued and do work that aligns with their values.

The Millenial Workspace 

So what is the idealworkspace for these up and comers? It needs to be flexible and collaborative. They expect the latest and greatest in technology. They want to be able to personalize their space and they want workspaces that are inspiring and fun.

Because they care about their health and are more flexible about their time providing spaces such as game rooms, athletic facilities and juice bars will draw new talent to your office.

Are you ready to take your office to the next level? Avery Design can help you design an office space that appeals to all of the generations.

First in a three part series on the Effects of the Generations on Your Workspace

For more on Evol8tion and Kraft your pitch, check out

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