How to Wake Up Your Office – Update the Flooring

Have you looked at the floor in your office lately? Even if you haven’t, your clients have. Is it worn and threadbare and in need of a change? What is your office flooring saying about your company’s brand?

Think of your standard office and you think of that multi-color bland carpet that is there solely to hide the dirt. And hiding the dirt is not a bad thing if the dirt isn’t twenty years old. Different companies have different needs for office flooring. Below are just a few…

Retail stores need floors that are easy to clean and maintain that will stand up to a lot of foot traffic. Their floors must convey the image of their brand – your more upscale stores are likely to sport wood or marble flooring while your budget houses will most likely have easy to maintain and inexpensive linoleum or poured concrete. Keep in mind your employees who will be standing on their feet all day – how would your calves feel after eight hours on concrete?

This Spa at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas has a cork floor – durable, sustainable and fairly easy to clean – cork helps aborb sound and is easier on the legs, feet and back. Imagine giving massages all day and you can guess that the cork floor is a real blessing for their employees.

Rubber acoustic flooring for gyms is a great solution. Easy to clean, easy on the knees and being acoustic it helps to muffle the noise in the very busy gym.

Someone has a great sense of humor! And at a law firm to boot. I want these folks to represent me. “Stacks” of legal books make up the pattern on this carpeting.

One can’t discuss commercial grade carpeting without showing an example of Flor carpet tiles. You can make your own pattern and designs. They are easier to install and if one gets a bad stain, you can replace one without taking up the entire carpet.

Music and theatre flooring is an entire science (and art) unto itself. Suffice it to say as a music aficianado, I bet the acoustics in here are divine with that expanse of wood floor.

A dentist’s or medical office has hygiene as the primary need. A floor that is easy to keep clean is a must. But why should it look boring when there are so many great vinyl options out there. In the dental office project that I recently worked on, we used wood look vinyl flooring. This flooring was so high end that if you touched it, it had grain. It looks phenomenal too and effectively communicates the message to the clientele – we know you want to visit the best dentist and you want an environment that feels homey (and not too clinical) but professional.

Love to hear from you – which flooring do you like the best for your office?

Have a productive week!

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