How to Design a Great Looking Office in an Industrial Space

Source: via Avery on Pinterest

Industrial style spaces and lofts can be a great option for creatives who want a lot of light and space in their office with a more modern vibe. Most frequently seen in cities like Manhattan or downtown Sono (South Norwalk), these spaces attract graphic design firms, retailers and tech firms amongst others. Love how in the above photo the wall decal is placed directly on to the concrete walls.

Working in an industrial space can mean contending with open floor plans, oversized architecture, high ceilings, rough finishes and even exposed pipes in ceiling. All of those elements give the space its charm. But if you are into a sleek modernized finish then industrial design is probably not for you.

The spaces below are filled with inspiration.

And check out the office accessories interspersed throughout if you want to bring an industrial feel to your home office.

Source: via Avery on Pinterest

Source: via Benjamin on Pinterest

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

I am passionate about bringing my client’s brand to bear through the design of their space. Not only do we improve employees’ productivity and the functionality of your space but we ensure that your clients experience your company’s brand through your office environment.

To set up your complimentary consultation call for your new industrial office, please contact us at

Love to hear from you in the comments – what do you like about industrial office design?

(all photos found on Pinterest and attributed and linked as above)

6 Responses to “How to Design a Great Looking Office in an Industrial Space”

  1. Sandi Gordon Says:

    I love the look and am so into the environment-saving chic of it all. I want to be cool enough to pull it off well 🙂

  2. Laura Clark Says:

    I’m not sure about the swinging chairs but I love the designsponge pic….awesome TABLE!!!!!!! And the pic before it where they use wood desks and angles rather than typical cubicles ~ brings in the earth element which is so important for grounding ourselves ~ especially at work!!! 🙂

    • averydesigninteriors Says:

      All about the grounding and the natural elements at work, Laura. Such a great point! It is so important to bring the outdoors in. Yes the bubble chairs by Eero Aarnio are a kick, aren’t they? I think they are more for looks. Sitting in one is on my bucket list.

  3. Sarada Chaudhuri Says:

    Love these Catherine! A real feast for the eyes!

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