Simple Gifts – Thanksgiving Table Decor

This Thanksgiving more than ever I have so much to be grateful for. We were fortunate to survive Hurricane Sandy unscathed, but our church did not nor did many of our friends’ homes. As you decorate your home and table, cook up the meal and spend time with family and friends, please take a moment to remember those who are much less fortunate. Perhaps, you could spend the morning serving a meal at a local soup kitchen or donate a turkey to a local organization (we gave ours through our church’s Adopt a Social Worker program, which is a part of Covenant to Care here in Fairfield County, CT) or provide some warm coats and gloves to those who lost everything. Maybe your children can make a Thanksgiving card for a soldier or write a special blessing to say at dinner. Please just take a moment to give thanks.

It is so much fun to help set up my interior design clients homes for holiday parties. Table settings are a great place to start your holiday theme.

Source: via Avery on Pinterest

I love how so many of these tablescapes feature fresh fruit and vegetables – after all Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for the abundance in our lives.

Love to hear from you in the comments below:

How will you decorate for Thanksgiving this year? What are you grateful for?

(For more great holiday decor ideas, head to my Give Thanks board on Pinterest)


11 Responses to “Simple Gifts – Thanksgiving Table Decor”

  1. Laurie Erdman | Chronic Wellness Coach Says:

    I love your blog. Just rich colors and wonderful ideas. We’ve pulled out the table cloth I bought in Florence (its gold) to go with our red dining room walls. I imagine we will pull out the good china and silver and light up the candles. It will be be nourishing for the eyes and body.

  2. SandiGordonCoaching (@SandiGordon) Says:

    Catherine – I ❤ these tablescapes – it's going to be hard to choose which one I will try to emulate! I was supposed to be on vacation this week but my husband injured himself last weekend and had surgery so the Thanksgiving cruise has been rescheduled to January. Even though I won't be cruising this Thanksgiving, (we're going to our sweet neighbors' very welcoming home) I have much to be grateful for…my faith, my soulmate, my family, my friends and clients (pretty much the same thing ;-), puppies, home, nature, etc. I am so blessed! And I'm going to play with tablescapes this holiday weekend – FUN!

  3. Nicole Says:

    Catherine, I love these pictures and examples of how to decorate my table! I particularly love how natural and effortless it all looks, and would never have considered using asparagus. We do have a lot to be grateful for!

  4. saradachaudhuri Says:

    I cannot WAIT to dress my table for the holidays! Thanks so much for the inspiration Catherine!

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