Holidays at the Office

Hey, Melanie Solimine here! I am a marketing intern at Avery Design Interiors this fall and a student at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT. I am stepping in today, because Catherine is working on her launch for her new website.

Here are some inspirational photos for your holiday interior decoration at your office!

Catherine is passionate about bringing her client’s brand to bear through the design of their space. Not only do we improve employees’ productivity and the functionality of your space but we ensure that your clients experience your company’s brand through your office environment.

Thinking about redesigning your office in the new year? To set up your complimentary consultation call, please contact us at

Love to hear from you in the comments – how are you decorating your office for the holidays?

4 Responses to “Holidays at the Office”

    • averydesigninteriors Says:

      Thanks for stopping by the blog, Sandi. Isn’t Melanie just the greatest? I am so psyched she blogged today. She frequently chooses my photos but prefers to stay behind the scenes. But she is brilliant – you will see more of her light when she graduates college I am sure of it!

  1. saradachaudhuri Says:

    Thanks so much Melanie (and Catherine!) I love the first pic – I wonder how it would have gone done whilst in corporate…thankfully, I can decorate my my office how I want now!

  2. averydesigninteriors Says:

    Sarada, I don’t recall ever decorating my office when I was in corporate! Too bad. Today, life around the cube is more relaxed. The Millenials want the ability to personalize their offices and many corporate offices have complied. That’s a trend I can get behind.

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