Wishing I were at a beautiful hotel instead of in CT with Hurricane Sandy

Hello from CT in the path of Hurricane Sandy!

We are bunkered down and the winds and rain are swirling. For us, up on a hill closer to the Merritt Parkway, our biggest concern will be wind and downed power lines. Many of our friends have been evacuated down near the beaches and the storm surge is going to take its toll. We have made all of our preparations over the last few days. We are as ready as we can be.

Below some really cool looking hotels for your enjoyment.

Sending everyone warm wishes, prayers etc. No matter where you live, if you are in harm’s way, may you be safe, enjoy your family and friends.

See you on the flip side…

Source: google.com via Mark on Pinterest

Source: lashotels.com via Emily on Pinterest

Travel Inspiration – Hotel Xeriscaping in Phoenix, AZ

Last week, our family took a once in a lifetime trip to the national parks of the West with a Tauck Bridges tour. One of the best parts of travel is the opportunity to see different types of design. I particularly enjoy design that reflects the local landscape and culture.

Our first stop was the Four Seasons in North Scottsdale. While my husband played eighteen holes at Troon, I snapped these shots around the hotel. I particularly loved how the pots were incorporated into the landscaping. This is xeriscaping from the greek word, xeros, which means dry. The primary purpose of xeriscaping is water conservation. I love its subtlety of texture and color.





Photos taken by and property of Catherine Avery of Avery Design Interiors at the Four Seasons Hotel Scottsdale, AZ

Magical Monday

First, I have to say that I am not a pink or purple person.

However, I love this jewel box of a hotel room at 79 Crosby Street.  The cool dark slate gray as back drop to the pop of the magenta is fantastic.  It’s just the right balance between the two and downplayed with just enough white to not make it all too overwhelming.  Really, the eye needs to be able to rest somewhere… and speaking of resting, don’t you just want to stretch right out on that bed for a quick nap before heading back out to peruse the galleries?

You just can’t go wrong with white linens.  I love the band of magenta on the bench – just a little bit cheeky.  And it speaks not only to the headboard and pillows but also to the band of grey on the bottom of the draperies.  The pattern on the headboard is picked up only in the bedskirt – a great, fun and funky pattern and not overdone.

The magenta chair juxtaposed by the grey and white cabinet patterned cabinet is a beautiful combination.  The tongue in cheek art above it is great for a room that just is not going to take itself too seriously.

For all of the bright color popping in this room, it is surprisingly restful, restrained and understated.  And that’s what makes it magical…

(Photos from the I on Design Blog of Metropolitan Home magazine)

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