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In Sono and loving Silver Graphic Design’s store front design with the hanging lightbulbs. Ideas anyone?


Design Tribute – Memorial Day

St. Paul's on the Green

Have you ever been driving and gone back because you saw something so breath-taking you just had to stop, take a photo and share it?  Today, I was driving home when I passed this sight.  I had to drive around the block and back to the church’s parking lot, because I could not let that moment pass by.

Flags at St Paul's on the Green

The front lawn of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on the Green in Norwalk, CT has 5,481 flags on it.  Each one represents a US soldier who has given his or her life for this country in Afghanistan or Iraq.  It’s easy to ignore a death toll until you are given a visual reminder.  That number is not so staggering as wars past, but why should even one person have to lose a life?  Why should one mother or father or spouse or child have their child or spouse or parent taken away?

Sea of Flags

Look, I’m not going to get all political on you.  Whether I am for or against the war in the Middle East is not the point.  I lost twenty people in 911.  I have friends who lost over 100.  I have heard countless hair-raising stories of survival from that day and close calls from my own family members.

Mine is a comment on the preciousness and precariousness of human life.  How do we take this in?  How do we put our heads around it?  When do we stop fighting and learn how to love one another – no matter our skin color, or politics or faith?

Normandy Cemetery with Flags

It took me back to this moment in time – Summer of 1991 – last stop on the continent.  I had backpacked solo across Europe and spent my last weekend in Normandy.  I will never forget staring out at a sea of crosses with an occasional star of David.

Prayer for the Soldiers

Imagine what it must have been like for the people who came together to install these flags.  Can you envision them talking about how they would ever fit over 5,000 flags on the lawn?  Thinking – should we put in a path or just make it a sea of flags?  Walking through the path is so moving.  Did someone carefully plan it out and draw it up?  Or did it evolve in that organic way projects do when a group comes together?

Were they thinking what price do we pay for needing to be right?  What price freedom?  What price peace?


Imagine Central Park

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

–John Lennon

(Photos of Normandy and Imagine from and respectively)

‘Keep on Dancing’…

Rosann Levy's Book

Rosann Levy's Book

I had the best time at a networking dinner on Tuesday night sponsored by Rebecca Hendrix of Ladies Who Launch.  My friend and graphic designer, Patti Terpstra, invited me, so I had no idea what to expect.    To my surprise, this was not your usual networking event of 30 plus people madly handing out business cards before the big speech.  Instead about 12 of us sat at a table enjoying a dinner of  delicious salads and pizzas at Fat Cat Pie Company in Norwalk.  Can you imagine how great the conversations were?  It was such a pleasure to get to know people in a small environment.

Rosann Levy, author of It’s Never too Late to Dance, was the guest speaker.  Her book is phenomenal.  It’s every person’s story and yet so uniquely hers.  Rosann’s message is about how important it is to never give up.  We all have lives, we all have our stories…they are all filled with moments of great joy and moments of deep sadness.  But no matter what, you should always keep on dancing.

So you are wondering what this has to do with interior design.  Well, there are days as entrepreneurs when no matter how good we are at what we do, we think I will just throw in the towel and get a day job.  And Monday night was one of those nights.  I just didn’t want to run my own company any more.  And yet it’s amazing the network of women I belong to.  They never let me give up.  They are always there to encourage me to keep on dancing.  And this time it was Rosann Levy at the head of the pack cheering me on.

So this is a special thanks to Rosann for a wonderful night and to Patti for inviting me to be a part of it all!

And no, I did not throw in the towel.  On Tuesday, I got my next great interior design client!  So far, we have chosen paint colors for his condo.  Who knows what could be next?  Stay tuned…

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