How to Design a Great Looking Office in an Industrial Space

Source: via Avery on Pinterest

Industrial style spaces and lofts can be a great option for creatives who want a lot of light and space in their office with a more modern vibe. Most frequently seen in cities like Manhattan or downtown Sono (South Norwalk), these spaces attract graphic design firms, retailers and tech firms amongst others. Love how in the above photo the wall decal is placed directly on to the concrete walls.

Working in an industrial space can mean contending with open floor plans, oversized architecture, high ceilings, rough finishes and even exposed pipes in ceiling. All of those elements give the space its charm. But if you are into a sleek modernized finish then industrial design is probably not for you.

The spaces below are filled with inspiration.

And check out the office accessories interspersed throughout if you want to bring an industrial feel to your home office.

Source: via Avery on Pinterest

Source: via Benjamin on Pinterest

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

I am passionate about bringing my client’s brand to bear through the design of their space. Not only do we improve employees’ productivity and the functionality of your space but we ensure that your clients experience your company’s brand through your office environment.

To set up your complimentary consultation call for your new industrial office, please contact us at

Love to hear from you in the comments – what do you like about industrial office design?

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Graphic and Exotic – Design from the AD Home Show


Loving this coffee table from Fairtlough in the Made section at the AD Home Show. Handcrafted and enhanced with exotic skins, it’s got such great graphic lines – perfect for a Manhattan bachelor pad.

Interior Design Furnishings: The New Traditionalists

Another Wordless Wednesday here at Avery Design Interiors. From the people who brought you ducduc, there is now a sophisticated furniture line for grown-ups: The New Traditionalists. Fortunately, it is nearly impossible to find words to describe their furnishings, which makes my Wordless Wednesday task a bit easier. Who am I kidding?

I visited the showroom in a fantastic loft in Soho (NYC) a few weeks ago and had the great pleasure of meeting Philip Erdoes (@CEO_TheNewTrad) and  David Harris in person. Philip and I had already been in touch through the suggestion of Leslie Carothers (@tkpleslie) of The Kaleidoscope Partnership. Philip and the others were setting up for an event, yet provided incredible customized personal service. What a pleasure! No doubt I will be taking my clients to their showroom.

Their message is fantastic – a real throwback to the manufacturing of traditional furniture. The furniture is made here to ensure the finest quality. It is completely custom-made with minimal environmental impact. In the words of their website:

We believe that being responsible for your environment means taking care of yourself, those around you, and your world. By manufacturing here, we can assure you that we use sustainably harvested hardwoods and non-toxic finishes, and, of course, no MDF.

We also support the communities where we live and work through charitable donations and volunteered time.

Take a look.

Cabinet, New Traditionalists, dining, furniture, interior design

Cabinet Seventy Two

Every finish on this cabinet, every piece of hardware, the interior can all be custom finished.

drawer, interior design, lacquer, custom, finish, furniture

Cabinet Seventy Two Drawers

Interior design, cabinet, detail, furniture, new traditionalists

Cabinet Seventy Two Interior Detail

The back is mirrored and there is the traditional notch shelf support instead of those cheap plastic or metal pieces you stick in holes. Check your grandmother’s antique china cabinet – this is how furniture was made in the old days. What bliss…

chair, custom, new traditionalists, detail, interior design, furniture

Chair Sixty Six


bed, furniture, custom, horsehair, new traditionalists, interior design

Bed Ten Forty

console, traditional, finish, interior design, furniture, drawer pulls

Console Thirty One

desk, color, finish, furniture, new traditionalists, interior design

Desk Two


New Traditionalists, finishes, furniture, wood grain, lacquer

Finish Samples

Thanks to the inspiration of Amy Dragoo (@abcddesigns) and Jonathan Legate (@jonathanlegate), co-creators of #DesignTV, I will be going to a fun party tomorrow night at The New Traditionalists. I am so looking forward to spending time with dear friends met on Twitter but now IRL. And of course the setting at their Soho Showroom amongst all of the beautiful furnishings can not be beat.

It does not get any better than this…

I love to hear from you. Which of the furnishings from the New Traditionalists would you like for your home?

(Photos are mine or from The New Traditionalists website)

Interior Design Bloggers Gather in NYC

I can’t believe the excitement in NYC as a group of nearly 100 design bloggers are gathered for the Nate Berkus Show today.

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activities as most of us were already in town.

After meeting my cousin for lunch, I interviewed several people at the D and D Building for some future posts on the latest in interior design this fall. Then I headed to 85 Broads Rockstar Mingle at the top of the Beekman Hotel. What a gorgeous space! And the views through the beautiful windows were unbelievable. Apparently, you can go out on a deck with even better views, but everyone was having far too much fun meeting and mingling in the bar to leave. Looking forward to the next gathering.

Then I headed to the New York Design Center for the launch party of Rue Magazine in the Century Furniture showroom – thanks for hosting!

The United Nations is having their General Assembly, so I was headed on foot. Co-founders Anne Sage and Crystal Gentilello, upon hearing that the design bloggers were descending on the city, were kind enough to invite all of us.

Every time I turned around I was seeing yet another design blogger I follow on social media, most on Twitter. It was better than a high school reunion.

Thanks to Chanee Vijay we have a design bloggers face book, so we could study who we were meeting.

Thanks to Amy Chalmers we will have good old-fashioned name tags for those of us who had trouble memorizing nearly 100 faces on the list!

And thanks to Camila Pavone and The Nest we have an amazing after-hours party planned.

We all agreed that the real story has changed. It is no longer just about being a part of the audience at the Nate Berkus show. I am not saying we are not all still really excited about seeing Nate. The story is the amazing power of social media bringing people together who might never have met otherwise. Here is a group of us who tweet and follow each other’s blogs and have become part of our lives, for me from 8-11pm!

We live in Chicago, Indiana, Texas, North Carolina, Canada and so many other places. And yet we were all gathered in one room, a giant design bloggers tweet-up, having the time of our lives. We aren’t just hanging out on social media in any more. Now we are all friends.

Ok off to meet the gang for a much needed coffee. More soon…

Why I am not Posting about Interior Design Today

Funny title no? I am sure it’s not quite what you expected.

jhaviv, new york city, skyline(photo: Jhaviv)

But I am in the midst of getting ready for a big interior design next week in the city. That would be New York City aka The Big Apple. It’s going to be a fun-filled week. And that means spending some time in my closet deciding exactly what to wear for each event – a gal and her shoes!

First, I am interviewing Jeff Orley of Orley Shabahang about the latest in their gorgeous antique and contemporary persian carpets. Working on one other blog “interview” but won’t release the details until it’s completely set up. Then I am headed to the Rockstar Mingle with 85 Broads. And that’s just Monday…

Tuesday, I am spending the morning at Imagine University with ASID Metro NY. I had planned to spend the entire day there, but I received this absolutely amazing invitation to be a part of the design bloggers’ audience at the … drum roll… Nate Berkus Show! I am over the moon excited not only to see Nate’s show but to meet so many design bloggers that I have been following on all aspects of social media but especially Twitter. My esteemed guest is Jessica Ryan of The Entertaining House. She is possibly the only person I know who is more excited than I am to be going to this event. There’s an after hours party in the works. I don’t have details yet, but I can’t wait to hear… Sounds like there will be lots of pictures!

See…Nate’s excited too!

Wednesday (and Thursday), I am back with ASID Metro NY for their Design Walk. I am looking forward to some more networking and continuing ed learning. To maintain my allied membership with American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), I am required to complete 6 credit hours of continuing ed. Some great companies including Bisazza, Toto and Hafele will be presenting to and ‘fete’ing us.

In between on Wednesday evening, I am headed to New York Design Center’s What’s New What’s Next, one of my all time favorite design happenings in the city. They have been previewing the amazing afternoon and evening program they have planned for interior designers on their Facebook fan page. I will have to put on my fanciest running shoes for that night!

Speaking of fan pages, there is plenty more design excitement with me on Facebook at Avery Design Interiors. If you like what you see, please “like” me. And let me know if you want me to “like” you…

Ok, so maybe I did post about interior design today!

I love hearing from you. Where do you find your interior design inspiration?

Interior Design: Artist Donald Judd

Interior Designers are always turning to magazines, art exhibits, architecture, well you name it, for inspiration. I was flipping through the pages of the latest Veranda magazine today when I stumbled upon a work by Donald Judd. I had forgotten how much I admire his work.

minimalism, donald judd, 1960s, Chinati, interior design, art, sculpture, installation

Donald Judd

“The art and architecture of the past that we know is that which remains. The best is that which remains where it was painted, placed or built. Most of the art of the past that could be moved was taken by conquerors. Almost all recent art is conquered as soon as it’s made, since it’s first shown for sale and once sold is exhibited as foreign in the alien museums. The public has no idea of art other than that it is something portable that can be bought. There is no constructive effort; there is no cooperative effort. This situation is primitive in relation to a few earlier and better times.”

–Donald Judd

Ohne Tite Stack

I think variations on this stack are my favorite. It’s the simplicity that appeals to me – how it is all about the geometry and the form. As though knowing if you collapsed the stack, they would all fit together perfectly.

Chinati, Texas, aluminum, form, sculpture, art, donald judd

100 Untitled Works in Aluminum

Works from the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, TX. Add this to my must-see list.

donald judd, sculpture, form, St. Louis, outdoors, art

Sculpture in St. Louis

It would be all I could do not to walk through these. I would want the whole ‘six-sided’ experience.

donald judd, furniture, color, art

Corner Chair

This doesn’t look comfortable to sit in, but it’s a great statement piece. I would use it as an end table for books instead.

bookshelf, furniture, color, donald judd


And speaking of books, this is the first bookshelf I’ve seen that would come close to holding all of mine.

donald judd, furniture, art, color

Desk and Chairs

Just for fun… If you click on the photo of the desk and chairs, you will go to a link (by Graydon Parrish and Mikhail Simkin) for a quiz called “Donald Judd or Cheap Furniture?” Is the photo above Donald Judd? Not telling.

donald judd, color, chart, 1989, LEGOs, MOMA, Museum of Modern Art, NYC

At MOMA in 1989

More fun in color and form. I can see why I still love playing with LEGOs…

I love to hear from you. Which artists inspire you?

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